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About Us

Welcome to Arising Leaders! Arising Leaders offers business coaching and consulting service. Committed to empowering leaders strategic decision-making and creative problem-solving, Arising Leaders is honoured to work with aspiring CEOs, executives, and business owners to reach sustainable positive change and create the next chapter of success. 

Each individual has an authentic self-waiting to be accessed and utilised. This is what Arising Leaders is all about – getting you to take that step forward and understand how to improve your impact on and influence over others. Be aware you will need to implement changes in behaviour to achieve your goals, and all that is holding you back is knowing how to break through the barriers that you perceive.

By understanding how to use the strengths you have not yet accessed, you will become a more effective leader, and an inspiration to your team. If you’re looking for professional advancement and a more fulfilling life, Arising Leaders can be the catalyst for your change and transformation!

Meet Ashley


With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders, Ashley’s passion is to help others recognise the leader within them, and to improve their professional and personal lives by breaking the barriers to take the next step that may seem forbidding.

Through education which included a joint MBA degree, to working with Chief Executives in major multinationals in the tech industry – giants Intel among them – and the Oil and Gas industry, Ashley has enjoyed a rich and informative journey through life that allows her to work with key figures in industry across the world and garner their respect.

Ashley uses both her extensive experience, knowledge, combined with her coaching toolset, such Extended DISC Human Behaviour Profiling tool, to uncover the gap between high and low-quality performance. 

How can we help you?

Tailored Coaching services specifically made for you to support you for your transformation.

Executive Coaching Session

Our role as your executive coach is to make you feel challenged and enlightened by holding up the mirror to what you might not see on your own. When you see it you have the opportunity to acknowledge it, and when you’ve acknowledged it you’re open to changing it to what you want instead.
Our aim is to challenge you and as a result, lead you to personal mastery of your self.

Business Strategy Session

Designed as a total support system for any successful entrepreneur and executives with their sights set on “sky’s-the-limit” growth and the freedom to create the kind of richly satisfying life they dreamed of when they made the decision to become an entrepreneur.
We offer The Signature Program in both virtual (online) and classic (in-person) one on one coaching formats.

Team Development Session

The term ‘leadership team’ is too often used to describe a group of managers or executives.
Utilising our own models for opening up communication and self-awareness paired with EDISC human behaviour profiling tool, our leadership team coaching programmes are designed specifically for groups of executives, senior leaders and managers to invent themselves as a ‘Championship Team’ instead of a ‘Team of Champions’.


David Neilson Principal, Charles Elena

“I have been working on developing my leadership skills with Ashley for the last 7 months during the COVID pandemic. With Ashley’s support, I have learnt new ways to empower my team and most importantly build self-confidence to realise my potential. Ashley’s guidance and mentorship is invaluable, highly recommended!”

Maya Majestik, Dubai CEO,ACME INC

"My experience with Ashley as my coach was amazing. She has such great compassion and she held the safe space for me, also she could pick up the underlying issues and holding the space for the healing process to occur naturally. She is a gift to our world. She is a naturally gifted coach and she empowered me to through my personal growth journey. I highly recommend Ashley as a transformational coach. "

Monique Lutz, Germany CEO,ACME INC

"I had some wonderful online sessions with Ashley that were very helpful. We discussed some issues that arose that I hadn’t realised were in my subconscious and Ashley gave me the tools to work on them. Since completing the coaching I feel more confident about myself, the barriers in my relationship are clear and I know how to react to my and my partners emotional triggers. Ashley has been an enormous help to me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs some help in their relationship. "

Avigail Nasi, Jerusalum CEO,ACME INC

"Ashley coaching skills are great, she could easily identify what is my real problem and guided me through the process. I felt safe, and felt it worked immediately!  I loved our sessions and I am so grateful! I would so much recommend coaching with Ashley. Ashley guided me through the process of reclaiming my own voice, and being able to set boundaries, speak when I am not treated well, and not be afraid. I feel so much stronger now, after each session I used all new skills in my life and felt empowered when acting different then normally I would. stood up for myself and felt release!  "

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