EDISC for High Performance


Developing individuals, teams, and organisations

Behavioural profiling fast tracks awareness of your natural strengths, motivators, communication style and more!

Your bespoke profile gives you confidence in knowing your unique traits and how best to grow and develop.
At Arising Leaders, we offer clients a range of behavioural profiling tools to understand their own and others’ strengths and development areas, communication and decision-making styles, motivators and de-motivators, as well as typical stress responses.

Understanding individuals’ behavioural strengths is vital in many contexts: whether in your own leadership and career development; when recruiting new team members or trouble-shooting existing relationships; or to manage and motivate your staff.

The DISC profiling tools gives the insight of not only what captain energies (your natural strengths) are, how the team is feeling and how the team actually responses, and how they are all energetically present yourselves at the work environment. Unlike a personality profiling which might limit, ridges pigeon holes you, behaviour profiling is an essence energetic profiling, by energy we mean the energy it takes to perform a certain task. And all of you are innately wired energetically, differently to each other. To have a functional team we need a group of complementary energy in the team.

We use the FinxS online platform to deliver these tools – for easy access from your computer, tablet, and other devices.

EDISC Behavioural Analysis

Extended DISC (EDISC) is an advanced behavioural profiling tool available in over 60 languages today. It uses a sophisticated, well-validated psychometric algorithm to determine individuals’ natural and adapted behavioural tendencies – something many profiling tools fail to do.  This online psychometric self-assessment is comprised of 24 questions (with 2 sub-questions each) that take 10-12 minutes to complete. Seemingly simple, it provides remarkably accurate and useful insights into human behaviour, and affords an in-depth analysis of strengths and development areas. Via the FinxS online platform, we will generate your personal EDISC report that will serve as a basis for discussion during coaching. Reports can identify 160 different behavioural styles, and can be tailored to you and your organisation’s needs (for example, if you are recruiting for a certain role, we can design a report that speaks to your advertised role’s selection criteria). In addition to the Individual Analysis report, you can select to undertake a Team Analysis or Work Pair Analysis that will help you manage and enhance relationships among your team.

Team Behavioural Analysis

Team Behavioural Analysis is the combination of several individual Behavioural Analysis results into one report. It enables you to assess team dynamics, communication issues, team roles and gaps, as well as potential areas of conflict. This assessment tool provides an easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, solve problems, and improve performance. It can be used by management and leadership to align their business or team strategy with the behavioural styles of existing team members. It is also used successfully in recruiting new team members to balance the team’s competencies and help ensure a healthy dynamic among members of the group.

Use Individual Behavioural Analysis to:

Help identify, recruit, and retain the most suitable candidates
Understand your people’s behavioural strengths
Improve and enhance professional and personal communication
Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance
Understand how to get the most out of your workforce
Pinpoint motivators and de-motivators
Grow healthy teams by understanding each others’ styles

Use Team Behavioural Analysis to:

Create a new team
Manage existing teams
Develop your team development
Design team tasks
Improve interpersonal communication
Solve communication issues
Resolve conflict