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Ashley Ducquet

Committed to Inspiring Change

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders, Ashley’s passion is to help others recognise the leader within them, and to improve their professional and personal lives by breaking the barriers to take the next step that may seem forbidding.

Through education which included a joint MBA degree, to working with Chief Executives in major multinationals in the tech industry – giants Intel among them – and the Oil and Gas industry, Ashley has enjoyed a rich and informative journey through life that allows her to work with key figures in industry across the world and garner their respect.

Her early days were spent in helping joint ventures with overseas investors in China, and experience in growing a successful manufacturing business led her to expand her knowledge and experience.

Other projects have included building a digital marketing business, and involvement in acquisitions, sales and mergers of businesses. With a wealth of experience in working with teams of many nationalities, Ashley’s understanding of multicultural teams and organisations is extensive.

Ashley works with both individuals and organisations to enhance their operational efficiency by bringing to the fore the natural talent in those involved. She will show each person that there is a strong leader within them, and that there are strengths that can be uncovered, unlocked and used to facilitate a better working environment and enhance life fulfilment.

Ashley uses both her extensive experience, knowledge, combined with her coaching toolset, such Extended DISC Human Behaviour Profiling tool, to uncover the gap between high and low-quality performance. 
She will help individuals and businesses find the effective leadership skills that are essential in creating a strong workplace culture, and that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of not only the working team, but the individuals within.

Ashley is well-travelled and passionate into fitness and healthy living and she also takes pride in her competing history and winning championship in bodybuilding as a mum of two young children. Her dedication to achieve goals and continuous commitment to stretching herself is the living example for her clients as a token of excellence. Ashley’s energy is positive and contagious, she has a great influence to those around her.

She is dedicated to help those who are committed to unleash their true potential and find that courage and resilience necessary to take that extra step towards success and fulfilment.